more couple shirts meant for wedding gifts available!!!! but for these designs we have to charge you an xtra RM10 meaning RM60 for WM and RM65 for EM including postage fees. bcoz we have to print both sides = back and front…


no extra charge if u want to add the couple’s name and wedding date. email me at maryummyum@yahoo.com for details aye???



more designs!!!!

been trying to upload the designs that we sold recently!!!! aarrrggghhhh!!!!! these are the designs which we designed for our customers and also some designs of their own…..


yes…. we do custom design couple shirts at no xtra charges!!! the shirts comes in various sizes from S to XXL. only white and light colours available. RM5 will be charge for baby tees or v neck shirts (only upon availability). the total cost for round neck straight cut shirts are RM 50 for EM and RM55 for WM. these prices are per sets (his n hers or you and ur bestfren or ur mom n dad or any couple that u want to give!!!) and  include postage fees!!!




aaarrgghhh!!!!! having trouble uploading the latest designs that we made and sold to our beloved customers!!!! will update ASAP!!!

yup… we do custom designs couple shirts!!! RM 50 per set (EM) or RM55 per set (WM). these prices are for straight cut round colar shirts. baby tees are available but have to add sum xtra $$$ which will be finalized in the near future!!! only white or any light colour shirts are available.


mail me maryummyum@yahoo.com for details or if u would like to view the designs that we sold!!!

yeah.. the prices include postage fees as well!!!



december is coming and while the western part of the world is busy with their christmas preparation, us, at malaysia, is busy planning the dates to go to wedding invitations!!!! hahaha…. kawen… kawen.. kawen… 2 of my friends are going to held their reception in dec… my own sister is getting MARRIED this dec!!! aaa…. thinking about wedding gifts!!!! n the money i have to spend! GOSH!!!!i have a few designs here that i think suits for wedding gifts, maybe la kan…., if u guys do have any other ideas… pls tell me so… pls.. pls…

n yeah.. if u wanna get this as wedding gifts… pls do so!!!!

RM 50 per pair for west malaysia and RM55 per pair for east malaysia!!!



shirts for all

yup… shirts for all…. for the time being we will cocentrate mostly on couple shirts. from time to time more items will be put on sale.  these shirts are made only upon orders. shirts will be posted 3 days after u had made ur payment (pls read ‘what’s this?’ for details.

dunt hassle muc about the sizes… since i believe that ppl come in all sizes.. so all sizes are available  from S – XXL. *wink*wink*.

contact me more for details… maryummyum@yahoo.com



re : friendship….

at last… d friendship post come to live…

bestfriends doenst have to share the same hobbies or interest. they only have to understand each other well. my besfrnd and i love to shop but we have diff interest. she usually shop for clothes while i prefer shoes and bags. see? we share the same hobby but diff interest.

this coud also be apply while wearing our friendship bracelet. sum prefer to wear bangles where others just die for hairband. here are a few pictures on ways to wear them.





woops… i just realised i didnt publish the post for des 9 n des 10!!!! hahaha… silly me…

sory mory…

both of these designs were proposals i made 4 my customer. yup… before i print them on the shirt, i will send the final design for u 1st 4 confirmation.  can make any slight chaNges if u want to…


RM50 per set of shirts inclding postage fees wihin WM.

contact me at maryummyum@yahoo.com